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New Seating Area Replaces Gazebo

The Green Trail’s gazebo, located on the north side of College Road Park, required substantial repairs in recent years.  The GTIA Board determined last fall that it was no longer feasible to continue to repair the existing structure.  

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Working with Balanced Environments, who is responsible for day-to-day common area maintenance and the landscaping around the new GTIA signs, the Board’s Maintenance Committee decided upon a design that used the gazebo’s footprint. The new structure uses pavers to define a circular area within the path that surrounded the gazebo, as well as incorporating two opposing walls that residents can rest on, while taking in the view.

The established plantings and trees that surrounded the gazebo remained primarily intact, those plantings closest to the new feature were replaced with plants similar to  those found around the new Green Trails Signs.

Installation of the new sitting area was completed earlier this summer.  Take a walk and enjoy the new feature.

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Patio 2.JPG Patio 1.JPG