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Green Trails Board Members

The current board members for Green Trails are shown below. To determine the area you live in, look at the mailing label on your copy of the Pathfinder.

Area A: Bill Swiderski

Heritage Farms 3, 4 & 5

Area B: Christopher Lotysz

Heritage Farms 1

Area C: Marge Hough

Woodglenn Village 1 & 2

Area D: Liz Sullivan

Heritage Farms 2
Woodglenn East 

Area E: Leslie Lavin

Woodglenn West

Area F: Alden Snyder

Huntington Woods
Woodglenn (Lots 01-31)

Area G: Mark Munoz


Area H: Pat Coughlin-Schillo
Gardens 1 & 2
SR 5, Lakewood South

Area I: Joe Broda
Surrey Ridge 1

Area J: George O'Hare
Surrey Ridge 2

Area K: John Warrington

Surrey Ridge 3
Lakewood 2

Area L: Robert Klaeren
SR 4, Lakewood 1
Abbeywood Condos
College Green Apts

Area M: Beth Zigrossi
High Point

Area N: Peter Bakas

Abbey Pines

Area O: Michael Olson

Green Trails Apartments

Paula Gleason

Recording Secretary: