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Green Trails Improvement Association

The common area and all improvements to it are owned by the Green Trails Improvement Association (GTIA). By and large those improvements consist of pathways, path lights, trees and shrubs, accent areas and signs, and a gazebo for all to use. GTIA maintains the common areas and mows the rights-of-way along arterial streets.

All owners of residential units in Green Trails are members of GTIA. Unit owners in Collegewood Court are non-voting affiliate members.

The association aids communication with and among its members through its monthly newsletter, the Green Trails Pathfinder. Your cooperation in making Green Trails a better community is always appreciated.

ACM Community Management

ACM Community Management (ACM) handles the day-to-day business of the Green Trails Improvement Association.

Governing Documents

The Green Trails Improvement Association is legally structured by the authority of three documents:

Board of Directors

GTIA is governed by fifteen directors, who serve without compensation. Directors are voted to office by ballot of unit-owners from designated areas. The Board of Directors is responsible for the total operation of the Improvement Association. Board meetings are regularly held on the second Tuesday of each month and are open to all residents. The Board's duties include:

Annual Meeting

The GTIA annual meeting is held on the second Tuesday of November, with date and time publicized. Members are encouraged to attend for an update on GTIA activities.